I am SO BLESSED to have a home built by Edwards. Not a week goes by that a neighbor, friend, or anyone comes by doesn't ask me who built our home. It really stands out as truly unique and beautiful. It's the layout, design, cathedral ceilings that wrap around in such a clever way when you walk in that I love. And another thing that is great is how they have a Quick response to any problems or anything we need. We have been in our new home for about 8 months, and anytime we have needed a repair or anything, they are literally here within a few hours. Fantastic customer service, along with our awesome home!

Rene Guadalupe

We checked out the floor plans of other builders and decided we like this one from Edwards. The kitchen is large and spacious, kids love the two stories, and my favorite is the bathrooms. The quality of build and material is very good. We have had no problems in the first couple of years we have lived in our beautiful home and we love it!!!

Clara Hinojosa

Me and my wife took a long time looking at different houses. We were very impressed with this particular model. We saw over 30 houses and finally picked this one. The quality and workmanship are superb. This house has everything just how we want it...perfect. I will tell you what, if we ever buy another house, it will definitely be an Edwards!

Paul Amaya

My husband and I spent a long time looking at model homes. We must have looked at 20 different builders. One thing we really liked about Edwards was the larger size of their rooms compared with those of other builders. We can fit our bedroom furniture much more comfortably now. And what a beautiful house!

Amy Huff

For over three years I have enjoyed living in my new Edward's home. It has been great now that everything is settled in. At first we had a few minor issues but Joe always came out right away to get things fixed. And he always returned after the work was done to make sure it was done right. He provided the most excellent customer service and care in his work. Fantastic builder!

Patrick Llanez

The artistry of Edwards Homes is very evident in all their houses. You have got to see them. I am so happy with mine! The way the colors and designs are put together, it's such a warm, cozy feeling. I can't wait to come home in the evening.

Raul Barela

One reason I chose my house to be built by Edwards was because of the unique curb appeal and beauty they have. I love the unique quality materials and design people see viewing the outside of our house. And interior beauty is evident also.

Henry Portillo

I really had a good time buying my home. They made the process a lot of fun. And one of the things I really like is the perfect lot I have with a yard that is just the right size. Really happy with my new home!
Anthony Vasquez

We always enjoy having people over to our house and we really enjoyed this last holiday season. The ceramic tiles throughout the entire house came standard with it and everybody is always so impressed with how beautiful everything is. We certainly are.

Emily Ruvalcaba

I just want to give Edwards homes praise for how they handled repair issues the first year we owned our home. There were a couple of things overlooked on the roof, and our dog had chewed up some molding as well. Two different things, but in BOTH cases, they came out the SAME day to address the issues and got them fixed right away. Wow awesome customer service!

Nate Diamond

I am a building inspector from Nashville. So I really know quality construction and materials when I see them. After looking at different builders' houses at various stages of the building process in El Paso, I was really impressed with the materials and structural quality I saw in Edwards Homes. This was especially evident in the framing, insulation, and the finish. I really enjoyed looking at many of the Edwards homes as they were in their various phases of construction, from the plumbing and foundation, to the framing and wiring, to the beautiful finished product. I had to return to Nashville for a while, but Celeste was nice enough to send me pictures of each phase while my own house was built. So I know the quality work they put into their homes. And they did a fantastic job on mine. I have truly loved living in my house over the last year-and-a-half. Edwards is a really solid Builder!

Philip Buma

I have had homes built a couple of times before. And currently I'm living in my new home from Edwards. During the few years I have lived here I have noticed how good they are at honoring their warranty. Before I had to struggle with other builders in order to get things done. But not with Edwards they are great!

Mandy Case

I was really impressed with the model homes I saw from Edwards homes. The things I love about my home is spending a lot of time in the loft, and that awesome sound system built into the house itself. I really like the tri-level design - great home!

Pete Main

The way Edwards Homes uses materials is very elegant and unique. I love the iron work on our stairway, the beautiful tile and granite in the bathrooms and kitchen, the fixtures, everything is so warm and cozy. Love our Edwards Home!

Roger Torres

Their houses are so special. And our home came complete with so many extras which are actually standard with this builder. We love our home!

Fred Hernandez

Service after the sale has been fantastic. During the couple of months we have been in our home, they have given us the quickest service possible. And it is so beautiful. Thanks Edwards!

Donald Garman